Finger… pinky


For this project, we designed and built three mobile sets, recreating completely different worlds.

The collaboration of Miguel Serrano, a great fan of modeling, was essential. He gave birth to the improbable work done by the whole team of this project: José Peláez, Jorge García Berlanga, Estrella Aguado. We all proposed, cut, sawed, drew, painted, glued, and fixed the different components used. I don’t think there was anyone in the studio who didn’t make more than one trip to Model Reyna, or Ana’s carpentry shop on Madera Street -what better name.

Thanks also to the experience of moving to other cultures, to the Dinasty Cultural Gallery and to the Chinese Bazaar at the Plaza de la Luna, where you enter a world and encounter a world of amazing things.

Thanks to Juan Antonio and Diego, from Metrica Mínima, for having helped us with the props, such as the lockers, or the Dedo stamp, which have contributed so much to the final result.