Finger… forefinger

This series of posts is dedicated to thank all those who have allowed us to enjoy an unusual project.

It has been a pleasure to work for PEANUTS&MONKEYS by the hand of VISORSTUDIOS, the launch campaign of HIPOTECAS.COM, which gave us the opportunity to create and recreate a world of madness…!
Thanks to Mario, Joaquin, and especially to Yayo, Sergio and Amador, from PEANUTS& MONKEYS, for always having so much illusion and confidence in our work. Thanks also to Daniel Morata, from VISOR, for another stone in the road.


We did a previous study with Marta García Salas, who confirmed the difficulty and impossibility of working with real fingers. Following the invaluable advice of our great friend Manuel Román, from Muñecos Animados and father of the Lunnis, we entrusted Javier Gallego with the creation of the best silicone fingers. We first worked with resin prints, to be able to work on the costumes, and to dimension the different scenarios and details at the same time.