Fat… finger


And the big day finally came…
It was a tough shoot, but fun. Thanks to Josep Fernandez Marín, our director of photography, and Daniel Goldman, who more than an assistant, acted as second in command. A great teamwork.

Thanks also to the arms of our actors, who handled themselves in such a small space. Thanks to José Pelaez, Jorge García Berlanga, Claudia Andrés, Ariadna Bernal and Marina Manzanero. And to all those who at one time or another… a hand.

And above all, thanks to Daniel Morata, from VisorStudios, and the Peanuts&Monkeys team: Sergio Rodríguez, Eduardo González and Amador Pastor, for making the job so easy. Special mention to Mario Sánchez del Real, for a very enjoyable post-production.

We shot at Antonio de la Torre‘s La Lonja, a unique space chosen for its proximity to our studio and for its creative atmosphere. Antonio, we have pending that wine… Thanks to El Buti, for his debut with a tasty haute cuisine catering. Thank you Juan Carlos.